Early College/Running Start

**PLEASE NOTE:  Not all colleges AUTOMATICALLY accept Early College, Running Start, or Advanced Placement credits.  You must contact the college/university directly to see if your credit will be awarded**

Early College
WHIS Early College Coordinator:  Carol Gonsales; 307.2430
Program Coordinated by:  Leeward Community College in collaboration with WHIS
Class offered:  College Level class (determined by LCC and WHIS)
Location:  WHIS campus
Teacher:  Professor from LCC
Time:  During the WHIS school day

Running Start
Program Coordinated by:  Leeward Community College 
Classes offered:  All classes at LCC (eligibility to take class determined by space available & accuplacer placement test at LCC)
Location:  LCC Campus
Teacher:  Professor from LCC
Time:  Determined by LCC class schedule

Counselors and administration at WHIS do NOT coordinate this program.  Students/Parents are responsible to schedule a meeting with their WHIS grade level counselor to discuss the student's schedule and obtain approval from the WHIS Principal to enroll in these classes.  Registration and enrollment is solely the student's responsibility.  Any issues/questions are to be directed to LCC faculty/staff.