Military Information

ASVAB Testing at WHIS
The ASVAB test is offered twice a year to interested students in grades 10-12.  
Students are required to turn in a permission form signed by a parent/guardian.
Please check this website for updates on test dates/times/locations.
If interested, please visit the CCRC to obtain a consent form and to sign up

Fall Testing
November 5, 2019
Time: 8:00am (test is approx. 3 hours)
Location: Library
Visit the CCRC to sign up and obtain a consent form 
CONSENT FORMS DUE by Wednesday, October 29

Spring Testing
March 3, 2020
Time: 8:00am (test is approx. 3 hours)
Location: Library
Visit the CCRC to sign up and obtain a consent form
CONSENT FORMS DUE BY by Tuesday, February 25

Military Recruiter/Individual Student Visits Information


Individual student meetings with a military recruiter must be scheduled ahead of time with me and the student must have parent/guardian consent prior to the scheduled visit.  If the student does not have a consent form on file in the CCRC, then he/she may not meet with military recruiters individually until consent is obtained.  The student can obtain a consent form by visiting the CCRC. Individual student meetings are to be held during non-instructional time (i.e. recess or lunch).  If a student/parent contacts the military recruiter directly to schedule a meeting on the WHIS campus, please contact me a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to schedule the meeting and confirm the day/time.  Do NOT schedule a meeting day/time held on WHIS campus without contacting the CCRC FIRST.


Unannounced and unscheduled visits by military recruiters ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Military Recruiter Contact Information:

United States Air Force
TSgt Shiloh W. Pogue
808.486.1004 (office)
808.295.4312 (cell)

United States Army
SSgt Steven Masga
808.623.8549 (office)
808.499.4801 (cell)

SSgt Henry Bamog
808.632.8549 (office)
808.265.5963 (cell)

United States Coast Guard
Coast Guard Reserve
Mark Porrazza
808.486.8677 x211 (office)
808.265.7616 (cell)

United States Navy
Shannon Villon
808.260.0358 (cell)

Hawaii Army National Guard
Leonardo DeLuna

Hawaii Air National Guard
TSgt Christopher Fredeluces

Military Academies Contact Information:
Robert Takao

Jason Afong - Naval Academy