Scholarship Resources/Information and Internship Information
Specific Internships & Scholarships -- (scroll down to the bottom for Native Hawaiian Scholarship resources)

-top 5-10% of their class, most rigorous curriculum, and high standardized test scores
-low income- family income less than $65,000 for a family of 4
-personal circumstances- first in the family to go to college
-strong personal character, extra-curricular activities, and leadership
Deadline:  September 26, 2019

-3.4 GPA or higher
-Academic performance, financial need, academic & personal references, extracurricular and community involvement
Deadline:  October 11, 2019 @ 3pm

Opens:  September 15, 2019
Deadline:  December 1, 2019
-students involved in water sports or volleyball
-3.0 GPA or higher
-involved in community service
-intent to compete in sports in college
-financial need

Starting with the class of 2020- College Board Opportunity Scholarship
This scholarship does NOT require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards your effort and initiative. 

The more effort you put in, the more chances you get to earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000. If you complete all six steps (noted on this website), you’re eligible to earn a $40,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awardedthrough monthly drawingsto students who complete each step. 

The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program is open to class of 2020 high school students.  Class of 2021 students are eligible next year.  Class of 2022 students are eligible the year after that....and so on and so forth.  
Class of 2020 - Complete key steps along your path to college for a chance to earn scholarships: 
1) Log in or create an account on BigFuture. Explore colleges. Build your college list.
2) Log in or create an account for Khan Academy. Practice for the SAT. Make sure to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts.

To sign up for the College Board Opportunity Scholarship, go to this link:  and click "Get Started" to create an account or login to your College Board account.

Questions? Call 844-298-3554 or visit their website:

Native Hawaiian Scholarships
Each college/university may also have their own, private Native Hawaiian scholarships.  Be sure to contact your college to ask about them!

FIRST STEP!!  Apply and register with the Ho'oulu Hawaiian Data Center:
This must be done FIRST for certain Native Hawaiian Scholarships

Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu Scholarship:
Alu Like (for vocational programs):

Frequently Used Scholarship Websites and Articles - earn money for participating colleges by updating your profile with your school achievements and activities; check their website to see if the college you want to attend is a part of this program

College Board Scholarship Search 

Hawaii Community Foundation - scholarships by Hawaii Community Foundation

University of Hawaii Scholarships - UH school system scholarships