Graduation Class of 2022

We are excited to announce that we will be having an in-person commencement ceremony on our beautiful football field. In keeping with tradition, Mt. Ka’ala will continue to be our backdrop for the ceremony. Graduation will be held on May 21st and will begin at 5:30 PM. Each graduate will be allotted FOUR tickets for guests to attend the ceremony and an additional four tickets can be allotted each graduate who meets the criteria below. Ticket holders are welcome to bring a lei for their graduate.


Graduates will be allotted four tickets. Two tickets will be reserved for seating on the field. They will have an opportunity to earn up to four additional tickets to have a total of up to eight guests. A graduate can earn extra guest tickets by either donating greenery or helping to set up the evening before/morning of graduation. Please contact Asia Wong in S102 or email to sign up and for more details. If you can donate greenery, please bring it to the school on Friday, May 20th by 2:30pm. The greenery we are looking for is the following:

● Dry leaves

● Ti, palm, or monstera leaves

● Heliconia

● Ginger


Please follow the procedures listed below to maintain organized and effective graduation. The following are the procedures we ask graduates and their guests to follow.

● Parents are to drop off graduates at the gym starting from 3:30

● Guests of graduates may start to arrive and park at the gym parking lot at 4:45-5PM

A ticket must be shown to enter (Anyone without a ticket will NOT be allowed to enter the parking lot)

○ Signs, blow horns, and balloons are NOT permitted at the ceremony

Small bags will be checked, NO large bags or backpacks allowed

● Guests will be guided to their seating area on the field

● Once seated, bathrooms will be available behind the field tower in the locker rooms

● After the ceremony has been concluded, Graduates will be dismissed BEFORE the guests

Guests will have a staggered release after the Graduates

● Guests attending the ceremony may give their graduate a lei in their designated area, which will be announced during the ceremony

We hope to have a successful and memorable graduation and look forward to celebrating our 2022 graduates.

Graduate Requirements:

All graduates MUST complete the following requirements by May 13th:

  • 20 service hours in their senior year

  • Senior Portfolio/Presentation

  • Senior Agreement (Given and signed at senior parent night)

  • Senior clearance (Clearing any obligations)

All Graduates must attend graduation practice on May 18, 19, and 20th. This is MANDATORY to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Please report to the gym by 8am.

Graduate Attire: For the class of 2022, boy will be wearing a red gown and girls will be wearing a white gown

Boys: All black dress/shoes, black dress pants, white collared shirt, and black tie

Girls: White dress (not longer than the graduation gown)and white heels/sandals. The bottom portion of the heel can be beige, but not any other color, all straps must be white. NO SLIPPERS.

Senior Documents/Forms and Requirements

All can be found in S102