1:1 Device Technology Resources for

WHIS Students and Parents/Guardians

Welcome to WHIS' 1:1 Device Inaugural Year!

School year 2022-2023 is the first year each Waialua High and Intermediate School (WHIS) student will be assigned his/her own Chromebook to be used at school and home, much like a textbook. Students will be assigned the same device each year he/she is a student at WHIS. Chromebooks will be given out at the beginning of the school year and returned at the end of the school year.

Each participating student needs to return the following signed forms/agreement to WHIS:

Optional device insurance may be purchased by parents/guardians. See below.

This is a screenshot of the Google Slideshow of Waialua High and Intermediate School's 1 to 1 Chromebook Policy and Handbook

WHIS's 1:1 Chromebook Policy & Handbook

All students will review WHIS's 1:1 Chromebook Policy & Handbook in their Advisory class. Students who miss this class are encouraged to review the slideshow linked above.

All students and parent/guardian are required to sign and return the Student Sign Off and Pledge

This is a screenshot of the Google Slideshow of a presentation of Chromebook Care

Taking Care of Your Chromebook

Also through Advisory, all students will have a Chromebook Care lesson on how to take care of his/her own assigned Chromebook. After viewing this presentation, students will need to pass a quiz before receiving his/her Chromebook.

This is an image of the form that can be used to sign up for optional school device coverage that may be purchased by parents or guardians.

School Device Coverage

We're excited to announce that Waialua High And Intermediate School has chosen School Device Coverage (SDC) to insure the devices that will be given to your student as part of this year's 1:1 device program.

This insurance program will protect you in the event that your device is lost, stolen, or damaged accidentally. For one low annual price, you may file a claim against any number of incidents that take place with no deductibles,

no added fees, and no claims limits.

To obtain coverage, please fill out the flyer that you will be given by the district and mail it in along with a check, or visit schooldevicecoverage.com and click on 'Sign up'. Join hundreds of thousands of parents nationwide who trust SDC to ensure that their child's device is protected for the 2022/ 2023 school year!

Why should every student have their own device?

  • It is not future technology. It is the present in terms of your child’s experience of mobile phones, internet and personalised technology. It will be their future working/learning experience.

  • Chromebooks help students organise, communicate, learn and study at home and in school.

  • Individual access to technology is not something that should happen in a few rooms at school. It should be for everyone, everywhere, anytime. Chromebooks allow that.

  • Why would we not want students to have access to the greatest source of information ever assembled and study in their own innovative and personalised way?

  • We need to see the potential of digital devices, and see them as a means of education for students not just entertainment. Students need to learn about safe, effective, educational use of technology.

  • We want to make the educational experience for students at WHIS as varied, dynamic and stimulating as possible.

What are the principles of the ‘one-to-one’ Chromebook scheme?

  • Fairness – we want all students to benefit from the use of Chromebooks, regardless of financial circumstances.

  • Sustainability – we want a scheme that will be sustainable for the school in the light of tough budgets ahead.

  • Affordability – devices are free, at no charge to students as long as devices are well-cared for and returned in working condition.

What about traditional learning and teaching methods?

As passionate as we are about the opportunities that Chromebooks and technology offer, we are also keen to ensure that other important traditional skills such as writing, sketching and group discussions continue.

The role of Chromebooks is to enhance and extend learning opportunities rather than replace those currently being used.

What device will the students get?

  • Either a Dell 3100 or HP G2/G3 Chromebook and charger.

  • Students will be assigned the same device grades 9-12 and grades 7-8.

  • Targus neoprene sleeve with handles to protect and transport your device.

My child already owns a Device

  • Students own their own home laptop will NOT be allowed to use them on the school network.

  • Parents/guardians will also need to agree to the school Technology Responsible Use Guidance (TRUG), which essentially asks you to agree to your personal device being treated as a school device, that can be confiscated if, for example, your child was not complying with school’s acceptable use agreements and other policies.

What if I don’t want to take part?

  • While we would encourage all families to take part, it is your right to choose not to do so. If you opt out, your child will not be provided with his/her own device to take home. They may borrow an older device from the library when devices are needed for lessons.

  • These devices will be returned to the library at the end of the class the device was borrowed for.

  • Students who do not have a Chromebook can access Google Classroom on desktop computers at home and in school; in supervised areas at break and lunchtime and after school.

For parents/guardians worried about the cost of a broken/lost/stolen device, optional device insurance may be purchased through School Device Coverage for $25/year.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please review information about WHIS’ 1:1 Device initiative on the school’s website under the General Information menu. The school’s device policy, student training and forms are available for your review.

Mrs. Victoria Pescaia, our Technology Coordinator, will try to answer any other questions you may have, please feel to ask her. If she doesn’t have an answer for you, she will do her best to get an answer for you. Frequently asked questions will also be added this webpage.