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Attendance Policy

Students need to attend school daily and be in class on time so that optimum benefits of their education can be achieved. Unexcused and/or excessive absences or tardies are unacceptable and impinge upon a student's education and academic performance. Chronic absenteeism is defined as 15 excused/unexcused days or more per school year. Failure to improve attendance may violate the State's Compulsory School Attendance Law and may lead to school disciplinary action and/or generate a Truancy Petition with a referral to Family Court.

Guidelines - Excused absences & tardies must have a verifiable note submitted within three days of absence. Examples of excused absences & tardies include:

  • medical

  • death or funeral for immediate family

  • court appointments

  • school authorized activities

  • other absences pre-approved by an administrator.

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