The Counseling and Guidance Department consists of grade-level counselors, a college and career coordinator, AVID teachers, and a Student Services Coordinator. 

All students at Waialua High and Intermediate School are assigned to a grade -evel counselor. The grade-level counselor monitors students’ academic progress and school adjustment. They keep track of grades, credits, attendance, graduation requirements, and brief, responsive counseling. 

The College & Career Resource Coordinator works collaboratively with the Grade Level Counselors and Parents to assist students with career exploration and planning. The Resource Center offers students opportunities to attend presentations by various Community Colleges, Universities, Military and Trade/Technical programs. 

Counselor contact: 

Mental Health Resources

Community-Based Mental Health Support - Hazel Health

We are excited to announce that our school has elected to make a new community mental health resource available for students. Hazel Health is a service that connects students with a licensed therapist for short-term therapy. Visits take place remotely over video calls. This service can help a student build coping skills for a short-term challenge, or can act as a bridge until students are successfully connected with longer-term

resources. Our school has made this service available as part of our commitment to the Department’s vision of ensuring Hawai’i students are educated, healthy and joyful lifelong learners who contribute positively to our community and global society.

How students will be referred for Hazel services:

Through the student support process, students may be referred for Hazel services, based on the recommendation of our school-based HMTSS team. This team will evaluate every student's need, and the range of options available to support them to determine if Hazel is an appropriate fit. Families are closely involved in their child’s care: once a referral is submitted, a Family Resource Manager from Hazel will contact parents/guardians to schedule an initial visit. Hazel is a supplement to other school-based mental health supports, and will not replace any existing services.

Support from Hazel includes:

Short-term therapy visits: Therapy sessions, conducted remotely using secure video chat, can help students cope with everyday issues such as anxiety, bullying, withdrawal, grief, peer and family relationships, depression, or simply not feeling like themselves.

Care coordination: Family Resource Managers from Hazel work closely with families to coordinate their child’s care.

Therapists who care: Hazel’s multilingual team of culturally competent therapists know how to connect with children and teens ages 5-18.

If you are interested in getting mental health support for your child, please reach out to your school. To learn more, watch this short video, or download the Hazel flyer. Visit to sign consent forms or access your account.

General Resources

World Health Organization Parent Resource

Teen Link Hawaii 

A Thriving Lahui

Resources and opportunities to help our community stay connected. Offering supports in