Student Council

Student Body Government SY 21-22

Our goal for Student Body Government is to motivate, leave a legacy, and bring back school spirit and personal pride!

Left to right:

Gianna Van Blyenburg VP

Carlie Cabana Homecoming/Graduation Chair

Markie Lau Pao Event Coordinator

Brynn Basilio-Chun Secretary

Blessing Moeaveave President

Cyres Lacar Events Chair

Not pictured: Jade Nelmeida Historian

Freshmen Student Council C/O 2025

Our goal is to help our class boost school spirit/ pride, help get us ready for the rest of our high school experience, to have a lot of money saved in the class bank so we could do many fun things, be involved, and take part in planning fun events!

Sophomore Student Council C/O 2024

Aloha! We are the sophomore student council and our goal is to be the voice for our grade, take action in our school, and make the change to our community for the better!

Junior Class Council C/0 2023

As the class of 2023’s class council, we will advocate for our class and will try to fulfill their needs as much as possible. We are here to aid our peers in any way possible!”

Senior Class Council C/O 2022

Left to right: Alan Velasco Historian, John Bali Secretary, Zoe Balmoja VP, Rhea Mae Arellano President, Jacob Dylan Reyes Treasurer, Logan Pactol Events Coordinator

As the student council members of Waialua High and Intermediate School’s Class of 2022, we hope to make our senior year the best it can be by encouraging student involvement and spirit within the class, creating activities that will allow our class to bond and come together as a whole, and by forging strong and positive connections with each and every student to motivate them and assist them as we move onto the next chapter of our lives.